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Stop wasting time and money designing and managing a website that does’t get results. Happiness guaranteed!
Abili UG has been delivering unparalleled quality and reliability with prepaid telecommunications industry since its existence. its is one of the largest online wholesalers and master distributors of Prepaid Calling Cards, Top up Vouchers and Sim Cards.
Abili UG is a low cost provider and largest online retailer for international prepaid calling cards and top up vouchers. Abili UG provides you a large variety of Top up Vouchers, International phone cards, Sim Cards and many more at the cheapest possible price.

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Calling Cards works FROM over 20+ countries to anywhere

Call from any phone including home, work, mobile or pay phones

Skip entering your PIN number when dailing from up to six phones

Keep your minutes one year even if you are not using them

Automate dialing long internationl numbers using our Speed Dial

Do a one time recharge or set your account on Automatic Recharging

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Being at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, Abili UG has established itself as the innovative market leader. With strong relationships with tier one mobile operator and German telecommunication companies, helping us to provide extraordinary quality and service.

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Regardless of your IT needs, Abili UG can provide the IT Services you need. We provide highly competent IT professionals to deliver high value, cost effective IT competence where it is needed the most. We bring a unique business perspective to technology. We look at what our clients are trying to accomplish and focus on their business needs Abili UG provides web development services such as graphic design, static site development, CMS (Content Management System) development, eCommerce development, integration with 3rd party systems, and SEO refinement. We provide custom application development as well to clients requiring unique software solutions. We provide the design, development, installation, and support of completely custom systems. We also can provide modifications to existing software packages as well.

We are one of the major distributors of Sim cards of all varieties in German market. We are one of the best companies to deal with if you decide to buy and sell wholesale Sim cards. We don't charge a set-up fee, so all of your original investment is directly in the product. We also provide free support to customers who are distributing our wholesale Sim cards, so you have built-in backup at all times.
Wholesale Sim Cards are an excellent business opportunity for just about anyone who is interested; there is no experience required to become a distributor, and once you sign a contract with us, your Sim card business is off and running. You will have a global market, since our cards work from anywhere in Germany and some are working from whole Europe, so sell them in any region you choose. All you need to be a successful wholesale Sim card distributor is the desire to succeed!

We are whole-sellers of Mobile Phones in all ranges starting from a the basic phone to high end phones all in one place. We are committed to long-term business relationships and acting dynamically. Only satisfied customers will bind themselves long-term. The extensive experience of our team account for continuous satisfaction.
Through good service, Abili UG has earned the trust of partners, customers and suppliers all over the world.
Abili UG helps you find the right product at the right price when you're in Mobile phones business. We have an extensive collection with latest technology in smart-phones. We offer the best prices!!!!!
Having over many years experience in the cellular phone industry, Abili UG prides itself on its solid reputation in the industry, offering top quality phones while providing dependable and reliable customer service. Contact us for latest mobile phone purchase, mobile phone software customization and logistics.

Do you operate a store, grocery store, or any other business that receives many customers?
Then add another stream of revenue to your business by installing Abili UG Point of Sale system, which offers these benefits:
Buy at wholesale prices. You can buy our vouchers at discounted prices to increase your profits. Sell at retail or below. You can sell vouchers at retail prices and enjoy the profit of a healthy markup. No inventory to steal. Keeping an inventory of vouchers offers thieves an easy opportunity to steal because printed vouchers cards are small and easy to conceal. When you sell using Abili UG POS, you only print vouchers when customer wants to buy from you, so there's no risk of vouchers theft!
Great Customer Service. Unlike other companies that disappear after the sale, Abili UG track record in Germany is self explanatory, Abili UG continues to support you after the sale with great customer service. If there's a problem, we'll fix it. See our policies, most notably that we will repair or replace any malfunctioning voucher that you have purchased from Abili UG within the last 7 days.
Abili UG provides low rates, time-saving Top-up vouchers a one stop convenient way for almost all mobile operater of Germany! Travelers, students, businesspeople, and anyone with friends or family will enjoy saving. We sell top vouchers to whole sellers and we are market leaders with respect to Lycamobile Top up Vouchers. Each card displays the rechargeable amount such as 5 €, 10 € , 15 € etc. Rest of the information allows you, as a smart consumer, to topup the voucher and check your balance after sucesfull recharge. After successfully recharging you can now make calls to your friends, family and colleagues, these vouchers are totally separate from your regular phone bill.

If you are a retailer store owner, distributor or you have your own online portal for selling E-Pins, our Wholesale Program is exactly for you. We are one of the largest distributors of E Pins in Germany for cash cards which are widely topped up in German market.
We cover almost all German mobile operater that include Telekom, Vodafone, Eplus, O2, Turkcell, Lyca mobile, Lebara mobile, Ortelmobile, Ayyildiz and many others.
All epins are available at wholesale pricing in PIN format. PINs will be delivered to you in an different formats, you can chose yourself if you need Excel or text or pdf or you want to print any pin directly. Contact a sales representative today!
On each E-Pin, there is a special number for 24x7 support. you can call that connects you with the mobile operater company's customer service department. This number varies from voucher to voucher, the customer service number that corresponds to your voucher is wellknown and you can find these support numbers on each mobile operater website as well.
We are number one company not only in e-pins sale but also in customer support. We have many happy customers over the past many years. If you have a problem that can't be resolved by the mobile operater company's customer service, just contact us within 2 days, and we will definitely help you resolving the issue.



Stop wasting time and money designing and managing a website that doesn’t get results. Happiness guaranteed!

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